Ministry in the Spirit

I was privileged last weekend to participate in the first of the 2009 WCG regional conferences. It was held in Agoura Hills, Southern California.  The conference is titled "WCG Next, 2009: Sharing God's Love and Life."  An appropriate sub-title is "Ministry in the Spirit."  It explores how we may participate with Jesus, in the Spirit, in fulfilling the Father's mission.

At the heart of the conference, is the stunning truth, that in union with Jesus, all humanity has been adopted as God's children. And those who know and embrace this truth (this Jesus) have the call from the Spirit to participate knowingly and actively with their Lord, in the Spirit, as he shares the Father's love and life in our world.

In the conference, Dan Rogers asks and answers the question: How does trinitarian theology inform the practice of pastoral ministry?  The answer addresses three corollary questions:
  1. What is Christian ministry?
  2. What is Jesus doing (and how can we discern it)?
  3. How can we share/actively participate in what Jesus is doing?
His answers open up wonderful new vistas for understanding our calling as followers of Jesus. Joseph Tkach then adds to this understanding with an inspiring presentation from John 5 concerning God's love revealed in Jesus. Randy Bloom then addresses the pioneering work that Jesus is doing in our world to plant new churches for new generations, peoples and cultures, and how we may join with him. I address how Jesus is including all generations in what he is doing, and how we may, in the Spirit, have a part in that. Various breakout sessions address particular aspects of these topics - always thinking with and out of the truth found in the person of Jesus - God in union with all humanity.

You will find a list of upcoming 2009 regional conference dates and locations by clicking here.


  1. Thanks for the update on this year's conferences. Looking forward to attending in May in my neck of the woods.

    -Domingo Quilems

  2. is there ways to get recording of the talks?

  3. I look forward to seeing you in May Domingo.

    And Michael, at some point we'll post audio recordings of some of the sessions. Keep an eye on this blog and the WCG website.


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