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On the Ascension

This post, which appeared originally in 2013, is excerpted from an article by Gerrit Dawson in the March/April 2001 issue of "Theology Matters," addressing Jesus' ascension and continuing incarnation -- a timely topic with Ascension Day drawing near.  In a time when the church is fiercely debating the uniqueness of Jesus...the ascension is an absolutely crucial part of the gospel story to recover. Through the ascension we discover that the incarnation continues. Jesus remains united to our human nature. Thus, he cannot be spiritualized into a principle of life, or collapsed into one manifestation of a God who is known many ways. Moreover, the presence of our brother Jesus in heaven dramatically affects how we see our lives and place in the world today. Jesus Ascending to Heaven by Copley (public domain via Wikimedia Commons) The Story The second article of the Apostles’ Creed is actually a narrative. In a highly condensed form, the Creed moves from the incarnation th