Discussing the Nicene Creed

Incarnational Trinitarian theology is sometimes referred to as "the Nicene faith" because it is grounded in the precepts of the faith of the Christian church set forth by the patristic fathers in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed (commonly called the Nicene Creed). For a post that looks at Thomas F. Torrance's Trinitarian perspective on the Nicene Creed, click here.

A helpful resource for discussing the Nicene Creed in small groups is the I Believe video series, produced by the If: Gathering organization (for an article about them, click here). Because these videos are generally (though not in every detail) aligned with Torrance's Trinitarian theology, they would make helpful discussion starters for fellowship (small) groups and Bible study classes that wish to study the Creed. Those groups could then refer to the Surprising God blog post noted above for additional information (click here to download a copy in Word format).

Here is the introductory video in the I Believe series. The others are linked below.


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