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Christian ethics (part 4): participatory and communal

This post continues a series exploring  Fully Human in Christ: The Incarnation as the End of Christian Ethics  by Todd Speidell. For other posts in the series, click a number:  1 ,  2 , 3 , 5 .   Last time , we noted that the Christian ethic of Thomas F Torrance (TFT) is relational/filial rather than moralistic/legal. It is an ethic exemplified and so defined by Christ's life and love -- an ethic which we as God's children participate in together by the Spirit. Lost and Found  by Greg Olsen (used with artist's permission) This time we'll note that for TFT this participatory, communal Christian ethic shows forth in a life of serving others -- the service both exemplified and commanded by Christ. TFT comments: The content of the commandment and the content of the service in obedience to it derive from the self-giving of God himself in Jesus Christ the Lord. He gives what he commands and commands what he gives. He commands a service of love, and he gives the love that empo