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Too Good to be True?

People often say, when they hear the true Gospel of Grace and Adoption, that it is too simple. Too easy. Too GOOD TO BE TRUE. I would like to respond to that.

That comment originates in a Reward/Punishment mentality. It involves a concept of Works required for an individual to be "worthy" to be saved. It pits God against the devil and waits for an outcome. It generates from Legalism and a performance based religion. The starting point for this thinking is that man/we have sinned and that Jesus must cover our sins and that we must continue to do "good" things to make our calling and election sure!

However, this is NOT THE STARTING POINT.

The starting point is that God is Love and that He created us to share in His Life, Love, and Happiness in our human life and our eternal life--Jesus calls it Abundant Life in Jn.10:10.

Knowing this is why God created humans in the first place should tell us that God wants us to believe this without reservation. So why would He m…

A Good Taste of T.F. Torrance on the Gospel

For those of you who have not read Thomas Torrance yet, I thought you might appreciate reading what he has to say about Jesus and the Triune God, and why so many of us are excited by his writings. Here is a quote from one of his books regarding Christianity:

"We believe that what God is toward us in Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, He is in Himself, antecedently and eternally in Himself; and that what He imparts to us through the Spirit who sheds the love of God into our hearts, He is in Himself, antecedently and eternally in Himself. It is thus that through Jesus Christ God has given Himself to us and through the Holy Spirit takes us up into communion with Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the one God of all grace whom we know as the God of our salvation.

Think of the immense revolution this means for our understanding of God.

It means that God is not some remote, unknowable Deity, a prisoner in His aloofness or shut up in His solitariness, but on the contrary the God w…