Interview with Jeff McSwain

A newly posted You're Included video program from GCI features an interview with Jeff McSwain of Reality Ministries. View it by clicking here.

Jeff addresses Trinitarian theology and how it forms the basis for gospel-centered ministry with teens.


Anonymous said…
This is indeed an uplifting interview. And as I listened to it, I was reminded of what so often happens to people who entered the modern faith.

You see, modern Christianity has this notion embedded in it that if we just do right a good physical (and maybe even spiritual) outcome will follow. But this notion is not correct. However, that does not stop the faith from offering excuses for when its "just to right" formula fails. So when a poor or even a disastrous result
comes from trying to do right, excuses like: "Well, you need more faith." or "You need to pray more." or "You obviously need to learn some lessons first." are thrown at folks, which makes it seem like it is their fault for
not having a good outcome.

But wait a minute! Is not the real problem with the formula itself? You see, this life is just too messy and sloppy to work in a formulistic way. It fact, this life fails sooner or later, no matter how well lived, for
everyone, even for Christians. Furthermore, it is not the least bit helpful to throw at people statements, which typically make folks feel like they are at fault for not reaping a good outcome from a supposed good work.

In contrast, believers have a different ideal available to them. It is (and while seeking to live a good life accompanied with the indwelling Jesus)that not all outcomes will seem or be good, at least from a human standpoint, as life is lived in this sin filled world. In addition, there is the acknowledgement that having this life work is not the goal, anyway.
The real goal is eternity with Jesus, which, by the way, we already have, through belief. This result is a very good outcome indeed with no "blame game" needed.

The best to you always!

J. Richard Parker