Are Jesus and his Father of one mind?

Sadly, some theologies present a Godhead that is divided in mind and heart. On the one hand, Jesus is presented as the "friend of sinners." But on the other, God the Father is presented as angry with sinners - so "holy" in fact, that he refuses to be in their presence.

But trinitarian, Christ-centered theology declares the gospel to be the truly good news that it is for both believers and non-believers. This good news is grounded in the truth that the Father, Son and Spirit are of one mind and heart in their unconditional love for all humanity. 

I think it was TF Torrance who wrote, "There is no other God behind the back of Jesus."  The point is that there is not another God who is unlike Jesus. God the Father, just like Jesus, loves and embraces all humanity, having acted in love (in and through Jesus' incarnation, life, death, resurrection and ascension), to include us all in his life.

Sadly, many people (non-Christians and Christians) think that the Bible teaches a gospel that is more bad news than it is good. Their common misconception of the gospel (and of God) is spoofed in a YouTube cartoon (click here to view) - it's pretty funny (if a bit profane). I laughed - but then I cried - wishing that the non-believing central character (pictured above) would come to understand the actual gospel of Jesus that the triune God really does love, want and accept him. I'd be interested in what you think of the cartoon.


Gary Glenister said…
Very funny - dry British humour!! However it is sad that it's probably a common misconception of God!!!
Unknown said…
I think that this discontinuity between what we Christians say and what God says is the BIG problem with our witness today. If you really grasp the Triune God's love, dance in the Great Dance as Baxter Kruger says, then evangelising will be a snap! This knowing of Trinity may be what fueled the first century's explosive growth.