Mourning the loss of Ray Anderson

We are saddened to learn that Professor Ray Anderson died on Father's Day (June 21). As a trinitarian-incarnational minister, theologian and professor, Anderson made many important contributions to our understanding of the life and love of our triune God into which we are adopted in Jesus.

To read an obituary on the Faith and Theology blog, click here. To view a tribute video, click here.

To listen to two "You're Included" interviews with Anderson click here for interview #1 and here for interview #2.


  1. Anonymous6/24/2009

    I once again watched both interviews with Dr Anderson and was convicted anew with the ancient Gospel. This brother will be greatly missed. As I continue in my study of trinitarian theology, I am thankful that the Triune God is raising up other "Ray Andersons" to participate with Jesus in articulating the depth of the Father's love for all of humanity.


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