God, the Bible and The Shack

I'm at the GCI denominational conference in Orlando, FL with about 1,100 people. We've heard wonderful presentations concerning Trinitarian, incarnational theology from various theologians and teachers including Gary and Cathy Deddo. They mentioned a booklet they recently authored titled God, the Bible and The Shack.

The Shack is often criticized for its view of God, but those criticisms often misunderstand both the nature of the book and of the Trinitarian theology it expresses. Here's the publisher's description of the Deddos' booklet:
"Millions of readers of William Paul Young's The Shack want to know, Is God really that good? Is this the same God we find in the Bible or not? Is the Trinity really like what we find in the novel? And what about evil in the world? How much does The Shack help us understand why it exists and how God deals with it? Here are clear, insightful responses to the questions so many people want answers to."
Gary has also written a supplement to the booklet titled Questions and Answers About The Shack. Read or download it by clicking here.


Thom Friedrich said…
Thank you, Ted, for sharing the Q&A booklet with us. Although I have not read the whole of it, I find the parts I have read very readable.

The conference was truly an inspiring 4 days for Marlene and me. Now we need to sit down with what we took away and unpack/digest these ideas and images, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in disseminating these glorious truths to our local fellowship. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for providing this time of renewal and rejuvenation. I, for one, desperately needed what I received and pray for the work of the Spirit to grant me the wisdom and strength to share the truth of our awesome God with my friends and neighbors here at home.