Hallelujah in hell?

It seems that among Christians and non-Christians there is much confusion about hell. What is it? When is it? Where is it? Why is there a hell at all? And what does the reality of hell say about God and his grace? These challenging questions are addressed in the powerful video embedded below that bears the provocative title, Hallelujah in Hell. It's from the folks at Downside Up. What are your thoughts? Let us know using the "comments" feature below.

Next time we'll return to our series looking at Ray Anderson's book on practical theology.


Unknown said…
Beautiful! A way better cross diagram than the quasi-good-news "bridge over the chasm separating sinful man from holy God!"
Jesus, our worship leader, picked the perfect song at the cross to ecourage those present back then and us reading today that what Jesus really brings is deliverance from hell and death. Ps22:26 "The poor (afflicted) shall eat and be satisfied;..." Eat the bread of heaven, communion, which Jesus gives. John 6:51: "...and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh."
So many thoughts and praises are provoked by this wonderfully rich post. Thanks for sharing it.
God's light and fire swallowing up death and the grave also reminds me of Athanasius affirming in On the Incarnation that Jesus was not "defiled by being in the body. Rather, He sanctified the body by being in it."
Good theology inspires praise and singing. Praying blessing on you and singing Hallelujahs with you to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. -- Philip D.