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"You're Included" interviews with Trinitarian theologians

GCI's video program You're Included features half-hour interviews with theologians on various aspects of Trinitarian theology. The catalog below links to more than 60 of those interviews, which were conducted with 12 theologians. For a transcript of each interview click on "program transcript" on the individual video page, or click here and here for PDF documents with transcripts of multiple interviews.

Interview topic
Ray Anderson

Starting Theology With Jesus. The importance of having our theological viewpoint based on God's revelation of himself in Jesus Christ.

Ray Anderson

God and the Prodigal Son. Relating our lives to God’s reality, what God has become in becoming human, adoption, the parable of the prodigal, our necessary connection with Christ, and the emergent church.

Jeremy Begbie

Music and Theology. Dr. Begbie shares his thoughts on the unique powers of music and how they enrich our understanding of theology.

Jeremy Begbie

Journey in Music and Theol…