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Format change for The Surprising God blog

Recently, Grace Communion International (GCI) transferred editorial management of The Surprising God blog to its affiliate graduate educational institution, Grace Communion Seminary (GCS). Ted Johnston, a GCS faculty member and long-time editor and blog contributor, continues in those roles, now on behalf of GCS.

With this change, we've removed the comments feature from the blog and invite comments to select posts when re-posted in two GCI-sponsored Facebook groups: Trinitarian Theology Forum and Trinitarian Ministry. Ted Johnston is an administrator for both groups and responds to any Surprising God blog comments there.

A Trinitarian view of preaching

The church proclaims the gospel by helping people, via Word and Sacrament, encounter Jesus, the living good news of God. In earlier posts, we saw what Trinitarian theologians have written about baptism and the Lord's Supper. Now we'll look at what they have written concerning preaching.

Thomas F. (TF) Torrance According to TF (in Gospel, Church, and Ministry),
preaching Christ is both an evangelical and a theological activity, for it is the proclamation and teaching of Christ as he actually is presented to us in the Holy Scriptures. In the language of the New Testament, preaching Christ involves kerygma and didache—it is both a kerygmatic and a didactic activity. It is both evangelical and theological. (p. 220) Faithful, effective preachers are thus both theologians and evangelists—concerned about Jesus Christ’s being and his doing, or as John Calvin often said, presenting “Christ clothed with his gospel.” TF comments:
[Calvin] meant that Jesus Christ and his Word, Jesus Chris…