A realized personal union with Christ

In his presentation at the 2008 WCG-USA Regional Conferences, Dan Rogers addresses an important question: How and when does one realize that he/she is united with Christ?

This is a vital question related to a Christ-centered/Trinitarian theology. Indeed, all humanity is united with ("in") Christ through his incarnation, life, death, resurrection and ascension. All people experience this union, but not all know of it. How and when do they come to know? And what difference does this knowledge make?

Dan notes that the answer to this how and when question is this: They come to know by the Holy Spirit according to his sovereign working.

Through faith, Jesus Christ (through the Holy Spirit), lays claim to our lives. The objective union which we have with Christ through the incarnational assumption of our humanity into himself is subjectively actualized (realized) in us through his indwelling Spirit.

Indeed, the ministry of the Spirit in our world today is to work in human minds and hearts to help them to come to know who, in Christ, they truly are. This realization is deeply personal and profoundly transformational.

Those of us who are active in the body of Christ as Jesus' Ambassadors have the astounding calling and privalege to participate with the Spirit in his proclamation to the world of this stunning Good News.