A growing reformation?

In a recent post on the Out of Ur blog (click here to read it in full) Scott McKnight makes the following interesting observation about Trinitarian Theology:
Recently I was asked where theology was headed. I assured my reader that I wasn’t “in the know” but that I would hazard a guess or two. First I thought we were likely to see a more robust Trinitarian theology, one deeply anchored in the great Cappadocian theologians like Gregory of Nyssa. But in some ways all the main lines of Trinitarian thought have already been sketched by great theologians like Karl Barth, James B. Torrance and others.
He goes on to discuss the fine work of theologians Tom (N. T.) Wright and Chris Wright. But the point I want to make here - a point McKnight mentions only in passing - is that there appears to be an ongoing theological reformation occurring across the board in the Christian church. The emergence of a Trinitarian, Christ-centered theology within the WCG is, therefore, part of a much larger reformation movement. I believe that this movement is of the Spirit - indeed the Spirit's ministry is to conform the mind of the church to the mind of Jesus, who is the truth of all truths.

Semper reformata (always reforming)! Holy Spirit, grant us repentance unto the fullness of the truth that is in Jesus.