Jesus, the revelation of God

I was reading in the newspaper of a clergyman working in retirement as a fire department chaplain. As I read the article, I found myself admiring his wonderful ministry of love to fire department personnel and fire victims. However, I was saddened by his statement that...
If Jesus is the only way to salvation and you believe that, you follow that for you...I just have trouble with people saying 'I know my way is the right way.' If God is real - and I believe that's true - God is truth with a capital 'T.' You can't talk about an infinite being using finite language. Everybody's belief is, in reality, an assumption. 
While I sympathize with part of his statement, I beg to differ with his assertion that "you can't talk about an infinite being [i.e. God] using finite language."  In essence, he is claiming that God is inaccessible in any full sense to human understanding.  

But the stunning truth about God given to us in Holy Scripture, is that our infinite God has made himself knowable to us, within the confines of our finite time, space and language. This is the astonishing good news of the incarnation of the Son of God in the person of Jesus. In Jesus, the infinite God became finite so that we may know him - that is, relate to him both in Spirit and in Truth.

John puts it this way: "The Word became flesh."  Jesus, who is God-in-the-flesh, is the full and accurate revelation to us of both who God is and what God does. Thus to say that "Jesus is the only way to God," is to state an essential truth about both God's being (God is personal and thus knowable) and about God's doing (God has made himself known to us as one of us through the incarnation of the Son of God in Jesus).

Because of who Jesus is, we need not be in doubt, nor in fear, about who God is or what God has done, is doing and will yet do.  That Jesus is "the way" to God, is not a statement of exclusion, but of inclusion and revelation.