What is our part in a face-to-face relationship with Jesus?

Craig Kuhlman submitted the following questions related to our personal participation in the salvation we have in Jesus. I encourage your reply to his questions via "comments."
  • How can we maintain engagement (in face-to-face relationship with Jesus) without ebb and flow? 
  • How do we continue to live in that relationship and bear spiritual fruit without becoming formulaic, or something "that must be done" by ourselves, when all was done by Him? 
  • How can we maintain the Spirit's active regeneration that comes from face-to-face relationship with Jesus and yet avoid the impression we must "do" the spiritual disciplines, when Jesus has already done it all? 
  • What is "our part," if any? And is it fair to say, that if there is any "our part," isn't that part initiated by Him to begin with? 
  • If we have a part now, why didn't we have it from the beginning when we were dead in sin?