Holy Week

Jesus rides into Jerusalem by Gustave Dore
(public domain via Wikimedia Commons)
We are about to enter the heart of the annual worship calendar formed by Holy Week followed by Easter Sunday. Let's consider what this sacred time of year gives us to understand, and in understanding to experience:
  • Palm Sunday: Jesus' entering Jerusalem as the servant-King come to suffer and die for his subjects.
  • Maundy Thursday: Jesus' gathering his followers for the Last Supper; sharing the glorious truths about who he is and what he is about to do for them and all humanity.
  • Good Friday: Jesus' dying on Calvary's cross - the great and complete sin offering that secures forgiveness for all.
  • Holy Saturday (the last day of Holy Week and the concluding day of the season of Lent): Jesus' going to the grave where in death he experiences the depth of our corruption - the consequence of sin.
  • Easter Sunday (the first day of a 50-day-lng celebration of Jesus' resurrection): Jesus' rising from death; born again to new, glorified human life; securing in himself this new birth for all.
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