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Interview with Jeff McSwain

A newly posted You're Included  video program from GCI features an interview with Jeff McSwain of Reality Ministries . View it by clicking here . Jeff addresses Trinitarian theology and how it forms the basis for gospel-centered ministry with teens.

It's about God's grace - not transactionalism

In this post I quote from Capon's book, The Mystery of Christ...And Why We Don't Get It, where Capon says his reason for writing is... protest against...a [theological] model I choose to call transactionalism , and to witness to a better model based on the Mystery of Christ" p. 23). For Capon, this "mystery" is the real presence of God in his reconciling grace throughout every particle of the cosmos (including every human life) made evident now in Jesus Christ. This Jesus - the fullness of Grace and Truth - is the Eternal Son of God: the Word, Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Savior of all the cosmos - now manifested to us and for us through his incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension and parousia. It is this mystery - the real and redeeming presence of God, in Christ in all the cosmos - that forms the basis for Capon's view of the Gospel (and thus his theology) as being not about transactions that are causitive of God's grace, b