Jesus is alive and we are alive in him

On Easter, followers of Jesus celebrate the central truth of the Christian  faith: Jesus is alive (and we are alive in him)! Here is what T.F. Torrance writes (in Atonement, The Person and Work of Christ):
"The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... is a stupendous deed, comparable only to the original creation of the universe. Indeed like the incarnation itself, when God himself entered the creation as one of the creatures he had made in order to operate within it, the resurrection transcends it in significance" (p. 221).
"Jesus Christ rose...the new Adam who heads the race in the new creation opened up in the resurrection from the dead [see 1Cor 15:45ff; Rom 1:4, 5:12; 2Cor 5:17]. As such he rose clothed with the power of the resurrection and is spoken of as 'life giving spirit' [1Cor 15:45]. He was not only an Adam into whom God breathed the breath of life and made a quickened soul, but the Adam with such fullness of life in himself that even as man he breathed quickening spirit into others. He is the resurrected man who has life in himself, and is become in himself the source and fountain of eternal life for others [John 11:25, 5:21ff, 6:35ff]. By living in utter holiness as Son on earth he appropriated for and into our human nature the eternal life of God, as it was by virtue of that 'power of an endless life' [Heb 7:16 KJV] that he broke through the bonds of death and the grave. It is that same 'power of an endless life' that now overflows from him to all who are members of his body, and it is therefore out of his fullness that we may all receive" (p. 217).