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Music and Theology

Click here  to watch a YouTube video on the relationship between music and theology from Jeremy Begbie, professor at Duke and Cambridge Universities. Begbie asserts that time is one component of the Gospel that is better understood through the arts in general and music specifically. Because music unfolds in time, it implicitly affirms the biblical understanding of time as good, which is contrary to philosophies that scorn time and activities that take time.

The Renewal of Trinitarian Theology

Gary Deddo put me on to the book The Renewal of Trinitarian Theology: Themes, Patterns & Explorations  by Roderick T. Leupp (IVP 2008).  It's a helpful compendium of ideas from various sources concerning trinitarian theology. Following are representative quotes (see the book for sources). Trinitarian theology "The Christian calling is not to ingenious speculation about how God can be three and yet one, one and yet three, but is rather a firm adherence to the truth of the incarnation, and a glad acceptance of the benefits of the Father's eternal Word appearing in flesh in Jesus Christ, and a sturdy resolve to transform the world in the power of the Holy Spirit" (p. 10). "The doctrine of the Trinity is that wherein all Christian teaching finds its reason to be" (p. 13). "If the whole of Christian theology can be likened to an archery target, round in shape with concentric rings drawing every-tighter circles toward the center, trinita

Dr. Gary Deddo: an overview of Trinitarian Theology

I recently attended a workshop with theologian , Dr. Gary Deddo (see picture) .  He gave an overview of Trinitarian Theology and answered related questions. Following are excerpts from my notes. Jesus, the center As we study scripture we come to see that it has a center , which is not a What, a Why, or a How, but a Who, namely Jesus Christ. He is the central figure - person - message -truth of all scripture. If our view of scripture is eccentric (off centered) it “wobbles.” If everything organizes and emanates out of the true center, we get re-centered. True theology, which progresses in and out of this center, is necessarily  trinitarian because Jesus is the Son of the Father, who sends the Spirit. Jesus' ministry is to take us to the Father and to send the Spirit. What he does, is who he is. When you deal with Jesus, you deal with the whole Triune God. Jesus, God's supreme, self-revelation This Jesus is the self-revelation of God - God revealing himsel