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The Christian life and the ministry of the Holy Spirit

This post excerpts the conclusion of "Clarifying Our Theological Vision," by Dr. Gary Deddo ( click here  for the full essay). The essay addresses the nature of the Christian life, which necessarily leads to a discussion of the ministry of the Holy Spirit . Dr. Gary Deddo Created and reconciled for the gift of relationship God, for and through his eternal Son, created and then reconciled to himself all humanity so that we might enjoy a relationship with God that is living, interactive and personal. That relationship, which is the heart and core of salvation, involves sharing (koinonia), by the Spirit, in Jesus' own communion with the Father—a dynamic relationship of obedience, faith, hope and love that was evident throughout his earthly life. Salvation thus results from the co-achievement of all three divine Persons acting together for our benefit. Salvation is the outflow of their internal and eternal good and holy, loving relationship extended to humanity as

Celebrating ten years of The Surprising God blog

It's hard to believe, but the first post  here on The Surprising God blog appeared on September 8, 2007---just about ten years ago. It was written by GCI Pastor Timothy Brassell. Over the years, there have been 540 posts, 1350 comments and 855,000 pageviews. I'm grateful for the many who have commented and posted, and especially for whatever contribution this blog has made in helping readers grow in understanding, appreciating and living into the stunning reality addressed by an incarnational Trinitarian theology. Here's to ten years more?